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Project Finance Brings The Cash Flow You Need To Your Project

Big projects come with big dollar signs, and cash flow can quickly stress even the most well planned projects. Our project funding services ensure progress without the financial stress.

Many businesses find that the largest challenges come following winning work – they have all the potential to win big, but don’t have the finances to get things started. For some businesses, that means simply securing start-up funds, while for others, it means recurring funding to secure material supply and pay contractors through project completion. 

Whether you need cash flow to support the project’s start-up, financing for equipment, or intermediary finances to pay sub-contractors, our solutions support your success.

Need A Better Alternative To Getting A Bank Loan?

The team of business finance experts at Australian Factoring Group is committed to assisting business owners fund their project cash flow and business growth.

We work closely with businesses to achieve desired outcomes in the highly specialised areas of invoice factoring which embraces project funding, business equipment finance and construction finance.

Take the first step toward funding your success with our project finance services.

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