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Business Cashflow Finance
Gets You The Cash Flow You Need, When You Need It

Every business has its challenges – and unpaid client invoices go a long way to further those challenges. 

Whether you’re looking to expand your business, simply stay above the green, or open new doors that require additional cash flow, our receivable funding service can help. 

Purchase order finance services work by securing upfront payments for your client’s invoices – your business simply passes the invoice to us and we’ll pay you up to 80% of the invoice’s amount immediately.

You then have the extra cash flow at your disposal to use as you please – whether that means for paying of your own invoices, investing for growth, or any other use you have. When your clients pays, we will pay you the remaining percentage of the invoice amount, minus our service cost.

This alternative to traditional overdraft solutions has numerous benefits, including requiring less physical security than traditional brick and mortar finance.

Additionally, this type of cashflow finance works alongside other business borrowings, such as loans or leases – there is no competition or threat to your existing forms of business finance arrangements.

Enquire today to learn how our business cashflow finance services can create new opportunities for your business.

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