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Alternative Business Finance Solutions

Traditional financing businesses, like Australia’s large banks, are restricting the amount of business loans that they are willing to offer. This has had a negative effect on the cash flow of many Aussie businesses.

Lets face it, most businesses have experienced cash flow problems. In today’s business landscape, many businesses are forced to accept 30, 60, 90 or 120 day payment terms from clients, while they still have to pay their staff, suppliers and sub-contractors on 7 to 14 day terms

Sound familiar?

Businesses are often forced to close their doors, not from turnover issues but from cash flow issues. A critical lack of funds to pay bills, while waiting to be paid, is a primary cause of business failure.

Is There A Safe, Loan-Free Finance Option For Business?

Yes, there is! 

Invoice Financing has become a popular business financing strategy for many Australian business owners, helping them secure much needed cash flow FAST - without incurring traditional business debt.

invoice factoring made easy

How Does Invoice Financing Work For Businesses?

Invoice Financing, also known as Invoice Factoring, provides you with quick access to hard cash, enabling your business to pay its suppliers, meet payroll expectations, purchase additional stock & equipment and cope with your overhead costs. 

There Are 3 Simple Steps To Accessing Urgent Working Capital Fast.

  1. You invoice your client.
  2. We will pay you up to 80% of the invoice value.
  3. When your client pays the invoice, we pay you the invoice balance due, less our fees.

What Kind Of Business Can Benefit?

Invoice Financing is perfect for Business to Business Finance.

If your monthly turnover is $50k or more and you have a business similar to one listed below, we would love to hear from you.

  • Building & Mining Contractors - Projects can be challenging, especially when there's a lot that needs to be done between payment milestones. Give yourself the means to pay staff & subbies, purchase materials ... and not wait for your next draw down or certificate payment.
  • Transport & Logistics - We can help you keep your fleet on the road and cover the cost of monthly fuel bills & wages when your inbound payments are on 60 to 90 on day terms.
  • Labour Hire Businesses - You may have big contracts with large businesses and need the necessary cash flow to pay your staff on time, every time while you await to receive payments.
  • Seasonal Businesses - If your business has peak months at certain times of the year, you may find it difficult to get a bank loan because your sales are not consistent throughout the year.
  • Wholesalers - We know that wholesalers are often subject to long payment terms by the big retail giants - and this can really affect your ability to keep adequate stock. Why wait? Get funds in now and get your next order in the pipeline.
  • Trade Professionals (Electricians, Plumbers) - We know how hard you work, the last thing you want to do after a big day on a building site is call to collect outstanding invoices. Lets us help you ... and it could work out a lot cheaper than paying an Accounts Receivable staff member!
  • Farmers - We understand that farmers are also subject to seasonal constraints, we can help you get your invoices paid, buy new equipment or a new irrigation system or other items you may need to move your business forward.

Benefits Of Invoice Finance

  • Access Hard Cash Quickly, Without Incurring Debt
  • No Bank Loans. No Overdrafts.
  • No Credit Limits.
  • No Long Term Contracts.
  • No Restrictions On How Funds Are Used.
  • You Nominate What Invoices You Want To Factor.
  • Avoid Extending The Terms Of Your Accounts Receivable.
  • Enjoy Competitive Factoring Fees.
  • Save Time & Money Spent On Accounts Receivable Calls.
  • Maintain Your Good Credit Rating.

By not increasing debt and freeing up much needed cash, it's easy to see why so many businesses are using Invoice Factoring to pay bills, fund growth, increase sales, meet payroll, maintain a good credit rating, or take advantage of early payment discounts.

New To Invoice Factoring?

Invoice Finance has become a widely popular means to access fast working capital and its likely that even your clients have used this form of funding at some stage.

The perception would be no different to taking a bank overdraft - and most businesses have used bank overdrafts or loans without any negative perception.

Invoice finance is simply a low risk business finance tool that does not lock in you into any long term contracts. We've been helping businesses with their cash flow for years and we help explain the process to your clients clearly and professionally.

Invoice Finance can be seen as the safety net that empowers your business to stay on track and meet its financial obligations as you provide services your clients.

Enquire today to learn how you can improve your business cashflow.